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Electronic trance from Europe. This form of trance is much more euphoric than that of American trance, which has ruined the electronic music artform.
Man, I totally listened to this awesome eurotrance mix last night. It was so much better than the stuff they play in the clubs.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
1. A cute, cuddily little penguin. Often this is tux (the linux mascott).
2. A date rape drug.
3. A compulsive lair. Someone who will lie on top of the lies they have already lied lieing about.
1. The little pingus is so cute!
2. That pingus must have cheated on you.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
The dirtiest, nastiest form of marijuana. Often it has the consistency of hay, it is very dry and brown.
Dude that is the most shwigitty weed I've ever seen.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
A lieing ex girlfriend.
Shes such a cheezit, you wouldn't believe how long she had been lieing to me while we were dating.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
A form of trance music often prefered by people who are high because of its intense nature.
Man, that psytrance messed with my head so much I started tripping.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
Having a penis that is stastically bigger than 99.3% of all men.
Man that redwood is gigantic.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
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