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1.A very inteligent individual
2.Misunderstood labeled as the ''Anti-christ''
3.Very artistic in various ways such as painting, poetry, and of course his musical genius.
4.Very great stage performer
5. Went to a catholic school when he was a young boy
Stupid Person: Marilyn Manson is the anti-christ and he kills puppies
Stupid Person: Im serious man hes weird and devilish
Me: Why do i even try to educate the ignorant people of middle amercia. Everyone tells us not to judge a book by its cover, but these hypocrits turn around and do it.
by Ezra666 December 09, 2011
A person with red eyes and a cold presence who feels nothing and craves blood. Can be male or female, usually has a cool name like Ezra or something. Hurts himself and everyone else. Immortal.
Man Charles Manson killed all those people hes a demon
by ezra666 December 07, 2011
A term for a homie NOT a black person. NIGGER is very offensive and deragotary. NIGGA is for a good freind; Black White Asian ECT;
Yo nigga what up
by Ezra666 December 07, 2011
Something amazing; Great
Man her puss was Fantastical
by Ezra666 December 07, 2011
A person who is truely depressed and usually cuts themselves. Not just their wrist; legs hands fingers cheast, anywhere. There can also be emos mixed with a goth; A person who hates themeselves, everone else, usually hurts themeslves anyway weather its cutting, scratching until you bleed, choking, burning, anyway really. A person who is truely ''fucked up'' and who wants to watch the world burn, and then light themselves on fire to burn with everyone else. Not an actor truely has problems.
That kid really hates everything hes so emo.
by Ezra666 December 07, 2011
A person who is differant and who usually gets picked on. normaly an outcast. Some consider Juggalos a gang when in fact they are not. They listen to music such as ICP,Twiztid,Blaze,KMK,Tech N9ne.
Ima be a Juggalo fo life BITCH
by Ezra666 December 09, 2011

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