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what TJ stands for. Classic quote from the movie Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, starring Rob Schneider and Eddie Griffin.
Detective Fowler: Do the letters T and J mean anything to you? (referring to TJ Hicks, Deuce's fellow manwhore)
Deuce Bigalow: I don't know... turkey jizz?
by Excellence On Stand-By October 04, 2007
a handy term for sarcastically insulting someone. if you add 'cough' to something you say, it becomes sarcastic and implies the opposite. can be used online (1) and in normal conversation (2).
Person A: OMG!!!!!LMAO!!!1 lYkE tHaT iS sO fUnNi!!!!!!1
Person B: Okay, you're cool, cough

Jennifer: He said I was ugly! *sniff*
Ashleigh: Well, you're not, you're really quite pretty.
Hilary: Cough.
by Excellence On Stand-By October 14, 2007
Defines anything that dies or otherwise gets incapacitated. Can be used to describe (1) someone you owned on Halo etc, (2) something you screwed up and threw into the bin, (3) a person racked with anxiety or nervousness, and anything else you fancy. A combination of the words scrunched and crumbled.
(1) Ohh scrumbled your ass n00b!
(2) My girlfriend came dangerously close to finding the porno mags in my dresser, so i scrumbled them.
(3) Did you see Tim in front of Jackie? He just scrumbled, man. He needs more confidence.
by Excellence On Stand-By May 11, 2007

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