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A man who places importance on a woman's irrational problems. He is sympathetic to her petty nagging and believes it will get him laid.
Woman: I was having cramps all day today and you didn't even call to tell me you loved me!

Symp: Baby, I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?
by excel March 03, 2005
Having no harmful effects
Not likely to offend or provoke to strong emotion; insipid.
Ordering rice instead of dog meat is a more innocuous choice when dining out.
by Excel February 19, 2005
A phase of the moon in which it is more than half full, but not entirely full.
The waxing of the gibbous moon bathed the courtyard in a kind of cold starlight.
by Excel November 14, 2003
Verb. To walk with a jerking gait. A shuffle; sometimes unnerving.
The morning after a long bout of drinking, it was all that I could do to shamble to the 'fridge.

There, from the shadowy corner, the zombie shambled. I think I went mad then.
by Excel November 14, 2003
Adj. Very bubbly or carbonated. Fizzy.

Alternate spellings include "foamidy" or, rarely, "foamedy".
According to Aaron, this new drink is much more ... foamity than the others.
by Excel November 14, 2003
Noun. The state of being afraid. Sometimes perpetually so.
After having unprotected sex, Jon lived his life in scaredom until the test results came back.
by Excel November 14, 2003
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