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To talk a whole load of crap to your mates about your sexual exploits when in fact you are a virgin
Matt D : "Man, I got my dick sucked last night by 3 hot slutty bitches."

Ev : "Fuck off man, the only thing that touched your dick last night was your hand." "You so STEVE IT UP all the time."
by Evsanity May 10, 2005
When a person who likes to steve it up rampantly looks at other people's screen in multi player Halo.
Kills you, and then denies he even looked at it. These people are usually the first to accuse others of the offence.
Doopa: "How did you know I was there."

T: "I saw you on radar."

Doopa: "The radar is turned off, you Halo Cheatin' Dog."
by Evsanity May 30, 2005

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