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Short for 'Escape The Fate'
American post hardcore band.
"Dude, I've got tickets to go+see ETF next yr !!"
by Big ETF fan August 13, 2007
An acronym that stands for Estimated Time to Fuck. Used in time estimation on one think they will be able to fuck a particular person.
Guy 1: Wow that chick is really messy drunk, what do you think her ETF is?
Guy 2: I say cab ride

Guy1: So you still going out with that chick from J-date?
Guy2: Yes, my ETF is defiantly 4 dates and a meeting with the parents.

Fat chicks are known for their low ETF.
by RJ2222 March 11, 2008
Easy To Fuck
Brad "Dude it took me no time to fuck that girl I just met at the movies the other night !"

Tom "She's that E.T.F ?"
by jaferg July 21, 2011
Early Termination Fee- the often exorbitant fee charged by service providers when a subscriber cancels a service before the end of a specific period of time. The fee is usually part of a promotional package or service contract.
I'd ditch my DSL, but the ETF is massive!
by Prep.77 December 04, 2010
Extremely and thoroughly fucked.

1. The fortunate condition of being well and truly fucked.

2. The unfortunate condition of being poorly fucked, in the ass, while blindfolded, by someone whose identity is uncertain.

Alternate usage: extremely and thoroughly fucked over, "screwed over"
I can't believe how badly they treated me! I feel so ETF.
by Louie the Slugger February 10, 2009
extra terestrial freak- a name you call someone/your friend when their being so freak-ish its out of this world
girl- today this girl in my 8th period came in and was dancing while wearing a unitard!
other girl- woah what a ETF!!!!!!

girl- my sister took my camera and was taking pictures of fat people at the beach. shes such an ETF
by etfyuuup September 27, 2010
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