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Is the arcade puzzle game game created for the Commodore 64 home micro back in the mid 80's and was released by FirstStar sofware. The central character Rockford had to collect a certain amount of diamonds to escape each cave and proceed onto the next level - it even made it into the Arcades using the Amiga hardware if I remember correctly.

It IS NOT to be confused with Balderdash to mean "nonsense; something stupid or untrue".. you stupid mofo.
Boulderdash remains a classic examples great gameplay and of the Commodore 64s supremacy.
by EvilCensor November 29, 2005
The most popular Commodore 64 game review magazine.
Sell my Zzap64 collection coz you can get the scanned images on CD - you out of your head?
by EvilCensor November 29, 2005
Abbreviated form of "Oh fuck off!" - generally used in the initial stages of an internet friendship in a light-hearted manner where actually using the word "Fuck" may be considered a little too much.
Uncertain as to whether he could actually use vulgar language towards his new Internet friend he simply typed "ohfo!".
by EvilCensor January 09, 2013

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