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proposterous, rubbish, lacking truth
Ghostface is a poet of the Anticon caliber? That's boulderdash!
by Req September 27, 2003
Is the arcade puzzle game game created for the Commodore 64 home micro back in the mid 80's and was released by FirstStar sofware. The central character Rockford had to collect a certain amount of diamonds to escape each cave and proceed onto the next level - it even made it into the Arcades using the Amiga hardware if I remember correctly.

It IS NOT to be confused with Balderdash to mean "nonsense; something stupid or untrue".. you stupid mofo.
Boulderdash remains a classic examples great gameplay and of the Commodore 64s supremacy.
by EvilCensor November 29, 2005
another way of saying "bullshit"
Joe: ey teacher, I forgot my homework because my neighbor jizzed on it!

Teacher: Oh, boulder dash!
by bojzzle April 10, 2007
Another word for "Shit"
Boulder Dash is actually bird shit, like when a bird hops onto some rocks and drops a shit on them- shit that is splashed onto a boulder of rock,especially if dropped from a height.
Dad I am telling ya there's gonna be a revolution soon
That's Boulder Dash, son, and by the way get your hair cut and get a job
by bottletop January 01, 2008
To get out quick; sharpish
Yo kid we bout to boulderdash
by Hot Nikkels November 13, 2009
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