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34 definitions by Evil Tim

A bear with all his fur shaved off
by Evil Tim August 01, 2003
Melt, as stated with a ridiculously OTT Chinese accent in C&C Generals Zero Hour.
'Meyort! Everything must MEYORT!' -Shi Tao
by Evil Tim June 12, 2004
pkmn lubved most by me.
I luv horsee
i luive horsee
horse hosres horsee
bleet bleet blett
by Evil Tim August 27, 2003
What Shawn B. proclaim J.M to be
S- Oh, J.M is such a fox!
me- yeah yeah...wanna go moon people at the mini-mall?
by Evil Tim September 13, 2003
Spanish for 'get to steppin'' or 'beat it'
Ugly dude- hey baby wanna kiss?
Shawn B.- Uggghhhhh... macháte, por favor
by Evil Tim October 01, 2003
A porkchop bone that has had all its meat gnawed off
After dinner i threw the zenigata out of the window.
by Evil Tim August 04, 2003
whaddya you think it is einstien!?
by Evil Tim August 01, 2003