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Soft drink made in Scotland, probably the most fizziest drinks ever invented, supernatural when it comes to making burps, and makes a good throwing projectile after it's been shaken ;)
Ey! ye feckin cont! gies bak mae Irn-Bru ye shaggy tit! I'll fuckin bottle ye!
by Esplender December 21, 2004
In Flames is a pregressinve-deathmeta/thrash metal band that was created in the thriving environment of Gothenburg, Sweden. They usually make me feel proud to be part Scandinavian. Sure, people complain about them turning into nu-metal bands that closely resemble Linkin Park or Korn. But I still love their stuff, exept for the song "System"
Sadly their originality is slowly deteriorating over the years, maybe they will be the best if they teamed up with Children Of Bodom.
Haha! now THAT will seriously kick every band's asses into oblivion!
Opeth are not from Sweden you ignorant dog-carcass-fucking-assholes
by Esplender December 20, 2004
Kick-ass black metal band from Indonesia, yes, Indonesia. With awesome solos and vocals that (metaphorically) runs up to you and rips your face off with it's teeth.
But there's only one thing missing from the band, a drummer. Which is replaced by a programmed one.
Slipknot fag: Hey did you hear the new Slipknot song? It's so full of angst that I want to cut myself.
Me: Here, listen to some Kekal, you nu-metal momma's boy.
Slipknot fag: Sure.
*Listens to Vox Diaboli*
by Esplender September 09, 2005
Something that does NOT waste real money so that you could buy virtual furniture. Pretty sad in a way, the simmillarities between Habbohotel and Cokemusic is that the people who play it fall in love with someone's virtual representetive without having a second thought that the person could be a deformed three year old sixteen year old that has a knack for ponies n' stuff
happygirl411: hi dere wan 2 b mi bf???????

Me: you don't even bloody know what I even look like, you're only looking at my avatar you blind rat. And what kind of idiot walks up to another an ask them to be their lover all of a sudden!? Go get hit over the head with a rake.
by Esplender August 04, 2004
A Person Who Wears his/her/ someone else's ass as a hat


Shoving your head up someone's ass
hey look! that ho is giving that guy an ass hat!
by Esplender April 11, 2004
A horrible book written by Yo Momma
But thanks to a group of talented directors, the movies were pretty 1337
Me: The Harry Potter books are gay.

Some fucking cunt: Have you even read them?

Me: ....STFU
by Esplender January 02, 2005

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