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An 'Eshay' is another term for an Australian lad, the equivalent of a British chav. 'Eshays' are almost always from a poor background, have little or no secondary education and rely on centrelink payments or theft to support their habits of illicit drug use, graffiti and purchasing "fresh gear".

Eshays are generally feared by the public and are notorious for bashing innocent people for their valuables, staring people down and hanging in packs.

Most eshays cannot fight at all however target their victims in large groups. Almost all smoke weed on a regular basis and often get on various other drugs (such as MDMA, amphetamines, LSD) at raves. They enjoy attending hardstyle concerts and are reputable for engaging in their 'gabber dance'.

They are easily identifiable from what they wear:
-striped polo shirts
-any nautica, polo RL, tommy hilfiger gear
- sports shorts
-Nike TNs Shox or airmax's
Eshay 1: Oii Braa, wanna get on sum mad pingas tonight?
Eshay 2: Yeah lad, we gotta get ourselves some ashcay first, how bout we staunch that faggot over there aye bra?

*faggot puts both eshays on their arse*
by Eshaysbra July 23, 2011

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