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n. singular. pron: LAR-duhn

A form of obnoxious reproach, offered by a non-authority and normally in the form of an insistence that others adhere to rules. This decree is normally made when the rule being broken is only offensive to the one issuing the lardunn and is not significantly interfering with others' enjoyment.
Person A: You noob. Don't ever include the entire digest when emailing the list!
Person B: Dude, whatever. Stop with the lardunn already.


Person A: Your mp3 is in an unacceptable format as you chose to use a low constant bit rate when a higher VBR was available. And have you ever heard of lossless, retard?
Person B: Do you have a girlfriend? Nice lardunn, a-hole.
Source: Erik Estrada, Los Angeles, CA
by Erik Estrada July 11, 2006
(Verb) 1. To tell somebody to work harder and communicate better, then immediately disappear (and never answer your pager or cell) while they do your work for you.
2. To criticize someone for a problem that the person never was responsible for and never could have known about.
"Dude, don't Shah me on that project, it was your crazy idea to do it in the first place!"
by Erik Estrada April 15, 2008

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