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Jesus Lizard is a kick ass rock band. Grunge rulez!
The Jesus Lizard strikes again
by erik December 14, 2003
A non-pejorative term used to describe the girlish manner in which some gay men choose to speak. Often high-pitched and colorful, this accent is reminiscent of the "valley girl" accent.

Note: Not all gay men carry a fagcent - don't let stereotypes fool you. And also, some straight men carry fagcents, so beware.
Fred: LIEK OMG!!!! That skirt is sooooooooooooooo cute!
Barbara: Yo, y'alls fagcent be all up in mah gril!
by Erik June 15, 2006
One who gets knocked the fuck out. This is commonly happening to a person in Gainesville, FL USA called Joe Mullett.
Joe Mullett really got knocked the fuck out at the party. The guy hit him and he lost 3 teeth and broke his nose!!!11

by Erik August 07, 2004
This person probably owns you. The one who can pull off spelling the name 'Sara' with a W shoved in there. Wen you see a Sara, make you sure you give her lots of hugs, she loves hugs, fuckin hippie.
"Sarwa ran around in the retirement home naked again."
by Erik November 24, 2004
1. The alocohol towelette you use to wipe the head of your penis before you give your urine sample.

2. A bad male driver.

3. A bad or corrupt sports or political figure.
1. "Don't forget to use your cockwipe before you pee, Jimmy!"

2. "Learn to drive, you Cockwipe!"

3. "Nancy, you can't believe what our cockwipe congressman did with the cockwipe athelete."
by Erik August 17, 2004
somebody who's so fat he probably eats every breakfats cerial on the market.
This guy's so fat, he must be a cerial killer.
by erik April 19, 2004
The process or means by which a gaseous discharge is removed from a porous or absorbant medium(i.e. couch cushion) usually accomplished with the aid of a broom or other form of cleaning agent.
Caution! These seats have just undergone a Defartification process and may still be damp!
by Erik June 09, 2004
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