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Handsome lookin people, always happy and Meditereanen smile,some of them are backstabbers some of them nice and wise,their food is delicious.
Pharoahs were belevied from Somalia, they are only remaining ancient tribe of Pharoahe. the pharoahs called "Land of Punts", meaning "Land of god".
by Erickson1290 May 30, 2006
A greedy person from North-West Europe, a person who is always anger though he/she has everything in his life, a country were if you aint blonde and not speaking Norwegian language seen as invading allien. A place were you are judged directly by your Origin, but not character.
Oil is only Industry that brings huge cash flow,everyone worries the hydrogen discovery could led to severe economy decline.
loool norwegians thing u came to steal or drink their Oil.
a place were u can get new girlfriend every other weekend.
A place were dog is spended 10$ a day comaparing to Ethiopian worker who earns under 1$ or nothing until starv to death.

Norwegians have no sence of humour, though gracious, the day god created humour and funn they wasnt their.
a place were everyone is alone and depressed due to selfish though gracious.
by Erickson1290 May 30, 2006

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