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doesnt stand for no fucking straight edge
it was named after the boston band negative fx
best punk band ever
by eric September 20, 2003
A male politician who's taken on a feminized image in an attempt to pander to female voters. Usually dresses sharply, speaks softly, maintains a smile at all times, and attemps to remain physically unanimated in speech.
Bill Clinton was a gynocrat.
by Eric October 28, 2003
1. A religion that dicks you out of your money and is overall very stupid.

2. A very stale internet meme. It was funny the first time when it was on South Park but when YTMND picked it up FIVE FUCKING MONTHS later and repeated the joke over and over and over and over it got completely stale. Ok. We get it. Xenu is a stupid story, blah blah blah. MOVE ON.
1. Guy 1: God Scientology is stupid.
Guy 2: I know.

Guy 2: You're a moron.
#stupid #stale #old #retarded #xenu
by Eric August 14, 2006
When you are attempting to get close to a girl and your buddy won't leave the room or starts telling less than flattering stories of you that cause you to lose an opportunity with your new female acquaintance.
Sara was sitting on the couch in the living room, Eric had been talking with her all evening, the party was over, Eric was attempting to get close to Sara but David wouldn't leave the living room even though he kept nodding off.
by Eric December 07, 2004
another word for cigerettes
hey man i'm going to 7-11 to get a pack of jacks
by eric August 03, 2003
A racial terrorist orginization whose co-founder eldridge cleaver advocated the rape of white women and murder of white police officers and whose other co-founder huey newton died of a heroin over dose in 1989
former Black panther mumia abdul jamal murderd A police officer in the city of brotherly love in 1981
by Eric March 30, 2005
Very Superior Old Pale (cognac)
I want a remy martin VSOP.
by Eric February 01, 2005
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