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Best RPG period. Actually realistic setting unlike Dungeons and Dragons and that gay shit. Who needs wizards, magic, and swords when you can have plasma rifles that melt flesh right off of peoples bones, whores, mutants, drugs, armor that makes you look badass, and blowing people up to human sausage. Created by Black Isle
Fallout rules doude.
by Eric January 16, 2005
smokin lots of weed
yo me and my mans were chiefin like a mutha fucka last nite
by eric August 03, 2003
A man no better then the group Mini Vanilli that "lives off of" and copies everyone elses music because he cant write his own.
Person 1: Dude you hear P Diddy's new song?

Person 2: Whos song?
by Eric July 06, 2005
A rock artist who helped shape what music is today. Not a girl you idiots.
Alice Cooper is awesome
by Eric December 29, 2004
police officers, the term cop is a shortened form of copper, which was used to describe police officers on account of their copper badges.
run, the coppers are coming!
by Eric February 04, 2004
Al Capone redifined what it meant to be a gangster. During the second half of the 1800's, gangs were run mainly by leaders of a city's immigrant populations. Every immigrant group had a gang in one or more cities. The gang did normal gang stuff -- charge protection money, run brothels -- but they were often supported by the community because the gangs had influence with political figures. Politicians figured things like prostituion would go on anyway, and if it was to happen they would rather it happen in the Italian/Chinese/Jewish/any immigrant part of town than the "good" neighborhoods. So the gangs had a mutual understanding with the politicians, and the members of the community had an understanding with the gangs. Everyone helped everyone. Gangs were not nationally networked or anything like that until prohibition.

When prohibition came around, there was a real chance to make money in illegal activities. Gang leaders were already the wealthiest in their community, but they weren't making nearly as much money as bootlegging potentially could. This is where Al Capone comes in. Everyone was running around trying to make money off illegal alcohol, but Capone was simply the best. He used completely brutal tactics to eliminate his enemies, and his gang existed for the sole purpose of running an illegal business. He had no unspoken deals with politicians or members of the community, except for the ones he made through bribes. Capone was so successful in running his empire that by the middle of prohibition, he was one of the richest men in the country and practically owned Chicago. He singlehandedly created organized crime as we know it in this country. He was also known as Scarface (though he hated the name, and no one said it to his face), and Tony Montana was modeled after him.
Al Capone is the true Original Gangsta.
by Eric October 29, 2005
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