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Two very good friends that share in sexual acts with eachother with no emotional connection or boyfriend-girlfriend label. Just engaging in the act of sex for fun.
"We fucked, but we didn't date. It was just a friends with benefits type thing, don't worry about it."
by Eric March 08, 2005
a stuck up, self-obsessed asshole, who overcompensates muchly for their obvious insecurity. also see: skank
this zeriara needs to get the fuck over herself
by eric July 01, 2004
Acronym for "To Be Determined". Commonly used in business.
Should we close this deal or not, we're not sure yet right?
Answer: TBD
by Eric July 08, 2004
the scoop, what's up
What's the skinny on your mom? Is she single?
by eric May 24, 2003
Swedish 4-piece band that can make a 10minute+ song sound like it's only 4 minutes. The very extreme thought of putting Double kick drums, acoustic guitars, and deep growls in the same song was unheard of. Until now. The Drastic changes from death metal to melodic melodies gives me chills just thinking about it. Absolute metal (and all music as far as that goes) geniuses. Period.
Black Rose Immortal
Blackwater Park
Demon of the Fall
The night and the silent Water
Serenity Painted Death
The face of Malinda
Under the weeping Moon
by Eric December 10, 2003
Hard liqour made in Tennesee and sold throughout the world. Known for its awesome taste and supreme alcohol content. Also gets girls naked ALOT easier.
I drank a whole bottle of jack daniels and died after fucking that slutty chick.
by Eric January 07, 2005
A very feminine girl. Very feminine in her movements. Very feminine looking. What you call a girl that is very feminine.
Hi, girly girl. What's up?
by Eric October 10, 2004

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