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7 definitions by Eri

A woman who did, and still does, define the late 80's and early 90's, and is the queen of coreography. Also a judge on American Idol.
Paula Abdul is just so awesome! She is the shiznit of all shiznaes.
by Eri November 12, 2004
191 110
a noise used to express joy or often used as a greeting to friends. must be very loud and distracting.

usually accompanied by an mmm...
by Eri August 03, 2003
8 0
a) A girl who has a foreigner boyfriend, and despite the fact she and you love each other, she won't leave him.

b) Unreachable girl.
-We love each other, but she's gingergrace.
- Oh I see.

-I'd ask her for a date, but you know, she's...
-A Gingergrace?
by Eri October 09, 2004
3 1
1. The highest form of shiznit.
2. The coolest person in the world.
3. The highest compliment that can be paid in the slang world.
4. A word that can be easily put together with shiznit.
You, my friend, are the shiznit of all shiznaes.
by Eri September 06, 2004
2 1
1. The act of being extremely funny, goofy, or stupid.
Sammy and I were instant messaging jokes back and forth, with everyone getting stupider and stupider, thus creating funniess.
by Eri September 06, 2004
4 3
(sinonyms: O_o, O_O, WTF???)
1. Interjection.
2. Exclamation of breathtaking surprise, often produced by a gay person, hence here the word being so gayish.
"Waka! Internet now has reached the houses!!"

"WTF??? you say that she was a guy?? Waka!
by Eri February 09, 2004
6 23
THE BEST FUCKING SHOW TO EVER HIT TELEVISION. EVERYONE WATCHES BECAUSE IT IS BRILLIANT! Well, actually the talent is aight, I just tune in to watch the judges fight back and forth and Simon and Paula flirt with each other.
American Idol, the best fucking show on tv, has the highest ratings of anything.
by Eri November 12, 2004
26 84