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1. A long strip of material which has a half twist in it, and which has both ends connected to form a ring shape.

2. A twist in space within which is temporal causality loop is formed. That is, time within the space repeats continuously for all objects which enter the space, making leaving that space virtually impossible.
A self connected piece of tape with a half twist would represent a mobius
by Erebus May 02, 2004
Italian slang that can be non-literally translated to: "It's the life...is cruel...isn't it?".
Often is used when someone does something hurting or annoying to another people, after giving him large pre-warning of where his actions would take him.
"Don't do that boy..."
"I Say DON'T DO THAT boy"
"Ok, you've done it"...BANG! BANG!
"Scazza" (while looking at his flat laying body...
by Erebus July 17, 2004
1) A title given to a teacher/professor at RIT that lacks any informative skills, and thrives by insulting thier class.

2) Variations can also be used.
1)God damn it, Tasconius ( Prof. Tascione )told me my algebra skills were lacking... Again!

2) Damn, Texas Tasconius (Prof. Kern) told us we didn't know what we were doing, and he WANTED us to struggle with the problems.
by Erebus September 19, 2003
The Fat Fuck
An annoying fat bastard, mama's boy, who smells like a wet dog all the time, and whom everyone hates.
by Erebus September 19, 2003
Horrible-Smelling, Long-haired, guy, who expresses his allegience to the homosexual cause by wearing a plastic viking hat at RIT
Dude, did you see that fag the Viking King playing Warhammer with TFF again, god damn, what is with that hat?
by Erebus September 19, 2003
The true Mahjong, is Taipei, not that japanese hearts crap imitation Mahjong.
Nothing is as much fun as a Tile matching game of the TRUE Mahjong
by Erebus September 15, 2003
Worthless, Useless, Shiftless, Feel-good, panzy assed Liberal, who thrives on Pepsi, and thinks Canada is a decent place to live.
God, Miggi, your resident is such useless Canada pandering L-boy man.
by Erebus September 15, 2003

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