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The reason I haven't killed myself.
*hugs my penis*
by Epic October 28, 2003
She high schooled him hard.
by Epic August 27, 2003
A Well respected bicycle company based out of Vancuver, and named after the Island of Kona. Their bikes range from choppers, to dirtjumpers, to single speeds, all the way to mondo downhill rides, all idolized by the bikers who can and can't offord them.
*Dude, did you see that new Kona Cowan?
*I just pulled off a mile lond manual on my new Kona!
*Kona beats the shit out of Specialized.
by epic July 28, 2005
The unique and/or distinctive signature one puts to be displayed every time he/she posts in a forum. Usually produced in Adobe Photoshop, it has a wide array of possibilities to be portrayed. There are many different sig styles, and entire forums are devoted only to the advancment of signature making.
*Here you go, I made this sig for you!
*Can you please rate my sig I just made?
by epic July 27, 2005

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