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Take One For The Team
by Enrico October 02, 2003
In genoese dialect(dialect of Genoa, Italy), it means penis, cock, dick. Mostly used to say esclamation like the american "What the fuck!", 'belin!' have the same meaning.
"Peter, where is your sister?!" "Belin!She's suddenly desappeared!!!"
by Enrico January 24, 2004
German slang for "Fick sie hart!" (fuck her hard!)
Tim: Ich geh gleich mit Muttern n bissl was erledigen.
Struppi: FSH!
by Enrico September 07, 2004
The dilema of finding a beautiful women, and discovering she has an ugly cunny!
Rachel was hot, but she had a shit pussy, it was a real cunnyundrum!
by Enrico May 26, 2004
A psychopathic subject who use to get his personal sexual satisfaction by eating fecals.
The two guys who have got arrested by the police were also a coprophagist couple.
by Enrico January 24, 2004
When a TS (transsexual) has male camel toe.
Jai: That girl had camel toe.

Donnie: That wasn't a girl. That's a TS with ball toe!
by Enrico August 11, 2004
In the game of basketball, an "alley oop" involving the Philadelphia Sixers star Andre Iguadola slamming home a dunk. The derivation of this word belives to have come from the Philly website www.the700level.com
In the third quarter, Iverson threw Andre a nasty Iggy oop.
by enrico April 10, 2005

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