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to fall from a high level or position
Prices have plummeted.
by English_dictionary January 05, 2013
A computer programming language that is an advanced form of C++. Learning C++ means learning everything about C.
A piece of code written in C++

# include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void main()

by English_dictionary January 05, 2013
Mechatronics is a branch of engineering that has emerged with the combination of Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, and Software engineering.
Mechatronics greatly deals with robotics, as robotics is based upon mechanical, electrical and software system.
by English_dictionary January 05, 2013
1. synonym of mother
2. silence
His mum and dad are very angry with him.

Keep mum = Stay silent

You better keep mum.
He kept mum about this secret,

Mum's the word! (Used to order someone that they must never reveal the secret)
by English_dictionary January 05, 2013
to walk in a proud way, considering others inferior.

Note:- Swagger is verb as well as a noun
After the king had defeated his rival, he swaggered into his rival's court.

He is moving with a swagger.
by English_dictionary January 05, 2013
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