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A liberal, or a socialist. In the US most likely a member of the Democrat Party.
The bedwetters are out protesting for social justice again.
by England phi beta gamma May 21, 2008
The adopted African child of a film star.
I see the Spielbergs' Hollywood Handbag has learned to be a DJ.
by England Phi Beta Gamma March 01, 2014
n. A female decoy used to distract a pickpocket's mark.
As the fluff sapped the mark, the wire reefed his leather.
by England phi beta gamma March 07, 2008
Totally Illegitimate Government Schools. Schools funded by taxpayers, referrerd to by government agencies as "public schools."

Buildings in which skulls full of mush are politically indoctrinated to be good little conformists of state doctrine.
Fifty per cent of my property taxes go to support TIGS --totally illegitimate government schools and their bureaucracy.
by England phi beta gamma February 02, 2008
The brand of mentholated filter-tip cigarettes that used to be favored by negroes until the mid-1980s when word got out that the interlocking Os represented shackles. Newport (or niggerport) is now the favored brand of colored boys.
LL Kool J probably smokes cigars.
by England phi beta gamma March 14, 2009
The opposite of queer or deviant. Heterosexual is a fair synonym. Homos really dislike the word.
Hey faggot! Give your life to God and He'll make you normal.
by England phi beta gamma November 16, 2007
a person who has a hare lip and/or cleft palate
The missionary doctor went to Peru and fixed a bunch of cunt faces.
by England phi beta gamma June 22, 2007

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