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N.O.A.M. Niggas On A Mission.. none of that penis bs. and nothin' bout damn krakas
representin' NOAM biotch! holluhh
by emanuel August 22, 2004
light it up (beatnuts)
to ma nigga big pun-prendelo
by EMANUEL November 25, 2003
A Sexual act in which a female sits in the street (or sometimes gutter) while performing fellatio on a male, who is situated on the curb. Hence the name "curb head". This shit is for no one other than the dirtiest of the dirty.

If you are familiar with the exquisite art of road head (the cousin of curb head) you may care to explore the world of curb head.

The term "curb head" was originally created by Emanuel and Terese. So please, don't be jocking our shit.
"Yo sugar, can I holla at some curb head?"
by Emanuel February 24, 2005
dam das fine
ooh-wee she gotta a phat ass!!
by Emanuel November 25, 2003
a mixture of peanut,pussy,ass,penis
any really cheeky,dopy stupid punk-biatch
by EMANUEL November 25, 2003
a clever and lucky person,e.g. sheisty and lucky=shlocky
a devious punk tryna jack somone using a banana instead of a gun in their pocket, das real cleva and lucky
by Emanuel November 25, 2003
to make something good
im'a blackup dis party aaaiiiight!!
by Emanuel November 25, 2003
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