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Shiznix means "the new in thing" "a popular item or action" It can also mean something someone has or does that is fashionable or "cool" and others want to have it or be like that person in the sense that they want to have the shiznix
"Dude your belt is sweet!" "Yeah man, its the shiznix" "how about that party last night" "yeah it was THE shiznix by far!"
by Em February 10, 2005
my dream in a realistic world
hn sexy sour cone ee
by em November 04, 2004
an unpronounceable sound denoting extreme frustration.
"What do you mean you don't know?? GAREHGKHSKGHKLB!K!!"
by Em March 22, 2005
The sarcastic form of the term 'Safe', to describe a bad situation or comment. Often said after 'Aw'.
a twat - I copied your style
you - Aw safe yeah!
by Em November 04, 2004
giant fluid-filled bag labelled 'XXX' and used as feminine hygiene product or as a descriptive term for one's dress.
Oh, I see Larry here came dressed as a giant douche bag..again
by em August 13, 2003
Some one who has the same amount as intellegence as a baby...
Aren't we a special little girl....
by Em March 18, 2004
Can mean anything, but for the most part it is used to annoy anyone who does not know what it means. Generally used when someone says something stupid, you reply huego, just to piss them off.
A: I didnt know eggs came from chickens!"
B: Huego.
by Em March 05, 2003

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