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A Japanese product, available as an anime, manga, or drama, following the exploits of Eichi Onizuka. "GTO," as it is more commonly known, promotes drugs, sex, and the rights of teachers to beat up students. A true gem of society.
Have you seen that GTO? That's some great shit.
by Em February 07, 2003
rose to prominence in the 80's when business practices went on vacation.
a buzzword thrown around by upper and middle management when talking about group a and group b and how they will now be group c instead.
a fancy way of saying youll be working with other people while not loosing any sense of prepiness.
we want to capitulate on the synergy you are currently exuding on the johansen and johansen project by relocating the various work groups into a cohabited interpersonal work environment where your personal strengths will empower each other so we can achieve maximum efficiency, ok?
by em June 03, 2004
Opposite of being Fresh.

Synonyms: Over, Done
After singing the little mermaid for 3 hours and annoying everyone, Chris was finished.
by em August 04, 2003
A delightfully sexy man, generally worldly wise and well acquainted with the internet. Absolutely irresistable to all females, with eyes to die for and a delightful body.
Damn, last night was so good he could have been a jonti.
by em January 09, 2004
Something that is more fun than something else. Comes from The word fun, but it's for lazy people who don't want to say more fun.
Wow, painting is much funner than drawing.
by Em August 16, 2004
aka: Dr. Carter
Dr. Carter was stabbed by a psychotic patient.
by Em September 20, 2003
A kilo of cocaine. Terminology used by crack addicts or drug dealers.
Gotta bake some pies for the fiends.
by Em January 31, 2005

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