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The best pokerplayer in the world. (Not counting me) He's also black which is cool.
You suck as a poker player....no, you're no Phil Ivey...dammit Lif you're not even black.
by Elmd0r October 28, 2004
Some uber 1337 guy who defines himself as someone cool.
No crusher I did not write that about you, I know you did it yourself. No one likes you....stop copying Elmdor.
by Elmd0r October 28, 2004
Also Known as the Sleeping Dragon. Kickass guy who helped Lui Bei and Liu Chan (Or something) rule the shu-han empire which was later fucked up after his death.
Dying Father: ugh....son...please promise that you'll look after the glue factory even when I'm dead.

Rascal Son: No way, I'm fucking it up. Then I'm going to kill a prostitute.

Dying Father: Arhg! I feel like Zhuge Liang must've felt....

Rascal Son: Shut up, I dun' care...
by Elmd0r October 28, 2004
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