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This occurs when a woman shits on her lover's penis mid-anal sex. When he pulls it out, it is black and covered in a chocolate shell.
While Ronnoc was doing Jane in the butt, Jane shit on his penis. When he pulled it out, he was surprised to see a chocolate shell.
by EllisHobbs September 23, 2010
To pull tightly on the skin around one testicle and squeeze that testicle up, isolating it. The resulting isolation of one testicle takes on the conspicuous form of a mushroom cloud after an atomic bomb explosion. Performing this trick with both testicles results in the popular "The Brain."
Louis was walking and turned when Carl called his name to see Carl giving him The Atomic Bomb, and he had nightmares about that hellish, veiny testicle mushroom cloud for weeks.
by EllisHobbs September 21, 2010
To masturbate while the girl's mouth is on the head of your penis.
Instead of normal masturbation, I like to mix it up with a masturblow to keep things wet and interesting.
by EllisHobbs March 31, 2012
To masturbate and jog at the same time.
Connor mogs to improve his cardio.
by EllisHobbs December 20, 2010

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