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Norwegian slang to describe when a man has too much moodswing, like a girls pms.

Often asked by girls, with a smile on their faces.
Dudette: Dude, u're mood is swinging like shit, u have mannsen?
Dude: FO
by Elliken April 21, 2010
abbv for My Game, My Rules, as said by Dr. Cox on the show Scrubs.
You still loose, my game, my rules, mgmr
by Elliken April 28, 2010
It's used as a "nickname" for newbies in the Norvegian Military, or organizations like Red Cross.
It's the contrary for "vet", which is short for "veteran"
"Dude, one year in Red Cross? U'r a syl.
I've been going strong for 8, compared to you, I'm a vet.
by Elliken April 14, 2010
Abbreviation of the norwegian term "On The Run" (På Flukt).

youtube.com/watch?v=nxYnjya632w <- Movie which explain the consept.
Jeg var deltager i PF i helgen
(I participated in "On The Run" this weekend)
by Elliken April 21, 2010
abbv. for "Fuck My Migraine", like in FML
i've had a migraine for 3 f* days, FMM!
by Elliken April 27, 2010

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