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futu-ti mortii matii !!! (romanian insult)
"-Imi scriu la mate! :D"
"-Fmm de retardat!"
by loc.dogg November 26, 2007
fuck my state something totally inappropriate, yet needs to be said.
" wow that girl looks like a broke down version of a broke down mariah carey in the movie precious! FMM."

"why are all these hood rats and bottom bitches here at the club, FMM"
by sydneytaty May 08, 2010
Fuck my mom
Boy: "FMM"
Girl: "What did she do?"
Boy: "She's a total bitch to me and won't let me do anything!"
by JollyLlama September 25, 2010
abbv. for "Fuck My Migraine", like in FML
i've had a migraine for 3 f* days, FMM!
by Elliken April 27, 2010
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