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Mainly teenagers who all share a common love for the arts and music. They listen to many bands most people haven't heard of and tend to dress however they want, usually ruling out the rules of fashion. One may see these "indie kids" in a local coffee shop, art gallery, or thrift store. These people aren't "emo". They also tend to wear warm neutral tones as opposed to black. They are fairly reserved and tend to be open minded as well as opinionated.
here are some examples of what indie kids look like and listen to:


by Elisa Execution November 09, 2008
the Black Hole.

come here and see for yourself.

you'll want to leave, but you can't.

stay away. far away.
Man Missouri is such a black hole. I moved here from Phoenix and now I can't leave! WTF?!
by Elisa Execution November 09, 2008

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