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A lesbian who speaks two languages.
Rosie O'Donnel speaks English and Pig Latin. She's bicunnilingual.
by ElDavidNG September 09, 2010
'Tis how Popeye pronounces "finish" so he can justify rhyming it with "spinach".

It's also used when he's about to blow his load all over Olive Oyl's face.
"Hold on to your girdle, Oli. I'm about to finich".
by ElDavidNG February 24, 2011
An illness usually self-diagnosed by the unemployed as an excuse to stay home and masturbate or play Wii.

-David Thorne
-Can you buy me some Jergens on the way back? My agoraphobia -and my current financial stare- won't let me do the shopping.
by ElDavidNG September 08, 2010

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