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Perform a squat exercise with 405 lbs.

the largest free weight is 45 lbs. Four on each side, plus the bar also at 45, come to 405 lbs.
bro 1: Bro, do you even lift?

bro 2: Bro, I squat four plates three times a week.

Greeks knew how people should WANT to be virtuous and squat four plates like us, and make supportive noises towards each other.
by Einstein9073 January 08, 2013
When a project manager distributes parts of a project to people who work on the project on their laptops and smart phones while they're sitting on the toilet.
Manager: Johnson! How did you manage to get this report done so fast?

Johnson: I've found a place where everyone has free time and turned it into productivity.
Johnson: I call it "poopsourcing".

Manager: Excuse me. I have to go burn this report.
by Einstein9073 February 10, 2012
An error screen featuring a sad cartoon cow in Zynga's FarmVille on Facebook, informing you that FarmVille is down yet again.
Prima: Hey, can you harvest my blackberries for me? I'm gonna be late.

Secunda: Sorry, it's been FailCow all night.

Prima: for FUCK'S sake.
by Einstein9073 November 18, 2009
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