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2 definitions by Efli

A high state of inebriation. (UK slang, especially north of England)
She was a bit of a minger, but I was totally kaylied.
by Efli May 20, 2004
42 7
1} male - used to refer to a woman who isn't exactly hot, but who he would screw anyway.

2) female - used to refer to a guy who she wouldn't even consider sexually but wishes to keep around to buy drinks, listen to whining, etc.
1) "Hey, dude, that chick over there's giving you the eye."

"Yeah, she's kinda cute..."

2) "Hey, here's your drink, and I was thinking, you know you could let me do your homework if you want to go out tomorrow. Do you want a ride back to yours?"

"Oh, thanks, you're so cute!"
by Efli May 22, 2004
25 66