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A jewel on the Californian coast, truly like no other. The weather is beautiful 24/7/360, the people are decent, the ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains surrounding it are beyond words.
Come see it before its too late, though. Its being invaded by developers, and the average house price is near a million dollars. Affordable housing is used as an excuse to put in large ugly apartment buildings. While SB still has the "Small Town" feel, its not going to be there for long.

Oh yeah, the mission. If you only see one mission in your life, see the Santa Barbara mission. Its incredible.
Santa Barbara. Its the last beautiful city in California.
by edwin May 15, 2004
Discrimination based not on race, gender, or religion, but rather on a disturbingly horrible iTunes music library discovered through a school or job network.

Refers to the "shared music" feature available on iTunes in which one can browse the various music libraries of the co-workers or classmates in the network. Often requires awkward explanation of why you have "that song."
Mike accused me of playlistism when I questioned his collection of Color Me Badd b-sides.
by Edwin January 23, 2005
a very talented rap artist
He can sure rap good, he's a DZK,
by Edwin October 25, 2003
1. Incident made famous in the 2001 AFC Championship game in which Tom Brady appeared to fumble the ball, but the play was reversed when the officials reviewed the play and enacted the "Tuck Rule": "If a QB loses the ball before he has tucked it firmly into his body, even if his intention no longer is to throw it, the play is an incomplete pass." The Patriots went on to become Super Bowl Champions.

2. When, during an act of masturbation, unexpectedly walks in and the male perpetrator must swiftly and handily tuck their genitals in between their legs.
1. Kyle Boller was prepared to face his 5th fumble of the game when the officials mercifully enacted the Tom Brady Tuck Rule.

2. Steve's comfortable day alone in the house ended in horror when his little sister came home early and into his room, forcing a quick, desperate enactment of the Tom Brady Tuck Rule.
by Edwin December 04, 2005
a really good emcee
Did you hear his multiz? He's a DZK!
by Edwin October 25, 2003
To hold up others when trying to leave for a place or event.
Someone who holds up the crowd with selfish intent.
Damn, those women are always bo-janglin in the bathroom.

Where are they? Probably bo-janglin.
by Edwin October 22, 2004
best sister anyone can have. sweetest girl around at school. can make you laugh at times. has a phobia about everything. has a brother named ed
very sweet and pretty young girl.
isn't rubyangela so nice. she makes me laugh.
by edwin March 01, 2005
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