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Insect, closely related to mosquitoes (if not one in the same)
"You should see these red mosquito bites. Fuckin bugs stealing my blood."
"Were you wearing watermelon scented cologne? Those may be nigger bugs."
by Edward I September 19, 2006
A watermelon; black-man candy.
You ever wonder why the majority of football players are black? Don't you think a football kinda resembles a niggerfruit?
by Edward I September 13, 2006
1) Origination: to do something with six of an object
2) Current: with extreme enthusiasm or extreme effort
Some girl: I felt so sick after eating Dentyne Ice by the sixes.
Some guy: Yeah, it didn't go very well with that beef jerky.
Other guy: Really? I thought it was great! We should totally do it again...
(All in unison): BY THE SIXES!!
by Edward I May 02, 2006

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