18 definitions by Edgar Pruviance

1. Arching shrubs or twining vines in the family Caprifoliaceae.

2. Alpha male teenager from rich family who enjoys humiliating or bullying defenseless younger kids; Charismatic young man from rich family who has a permanent antipathetic overconfident grin on his face and who acts exuberantly like a testosterone-driven imbecile.

French: chèvrefeuille
German: geißblatt
1. Luckily enough, my farts smells like sweet honeysuckle flowers.

2. That honeysuckle thinks having rich parents is a talent.
by Edgar Pruviance May 28, 2009
Profanity mumbled to oneself when dealing with any form of unefficiency, deception, incompetence, malfunction, desillusion, ignorance, shortage, exasperation or failure.
The inspectors knew the bridge would collapse but they did nothing. Third world.

I've been waiting in line for 6 hours to get in. Fucking third world.

You only have a dial-up connection? Are you third world fucking kidding?

That amazing giant chewbacca hologram promotion is only available in the US and Japan? Fuck three third of the world.
by Edgar Pruviance May 28, 2009
Prebuscent type of thin but discernible moustache, not yet accompanied by beard growth.
Look, that nervous 13 year old compulsive ping-pong player has a gaboury under his nose.
by Edgar Pruviance May 26, 2009
Nipple surrounded by an areola of disturbingly wide diameter; Areola covering a disproportionately large surface of the breast.
She had frisbees.

Have you also been turned off by her frisbees?

His wife has frisbees.
by Edgar Pruviance May 27, 2009
Unhappy person in an antisocial mood, whose attitude is charecterized by the to desire to avoid social contacts in order to work on geek stuff, such as installing an Amiga emulator on his PC or play with a progamable calculator on a Friday night.
He's not coming with us because he's such a chipmunk.
by Edgar Pruviance May 27, 2009
Pathological fear of being nicknamed Baloo.
That guy suffers from balostrophobia, thus he is balostrophobic.
by Edgar Pruviance May 27, 2009
Cheap penis-shaped imitation of an Ibanez guitar.
He plays on a Penibanez, while it is true indeed that his amplificator is a Masturbarshall.
by edgar pruviance October 10, 2009
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