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Eating white meat, but not red meat. May or may not be subject to a little wiggle room depending on the person.

Taken from an amateur translation of Latin meaning 'white meat.' Coined because there was no other word for it.
I guess he's subscribed to albuscarnitarianism. Won't eat a steak to save his life now.
by EcoEclipse February 25, 2011
(pl. friendlies)
1. Used to indicate an object, usually sentient, that does not intend to harm the indicating party.

2. In gaming, a friendly can describe a helpful or harmless NPC.
1: Don't worry, my dog is a friendly.

2: Man 1: "Oh man, I'm really low on health."
Man 2: "Don't worry, there's a settlement around here somewhere. Bound to have a friendly or two."
by EcoEclipse July 12, 2009
A term for commands or actions that start with a forward slash ( / ).
Also written as / commands. Slash commands are used more frequently in World of Warcraft, and MMORPG, but have also shown up as memes on the Internet. One such meme slash command is /wrists, more than likely spoofing slash commands and emo culture at the same time.
To make a choo-choo noise in World of Warcraft, use the slash command /train.
by EcoEclipse May 21, 2008
When a person invades a conversation (particularly one that has gone on for a while, and often online for better effect) by saying something odd or funny that relates to the most recent of sentences or subjects, but should be unrelated to most of the conversation as a whole.

Social bombing of any sort can be justified with the simple phrase, "I did it for the lulz."
An example of conversationbombing, however not a very good one.

Person 1: ... And so he was like, "You were right there in my room!" So then she was like, "No, I wouldn't be anywhere near your room!"
Person 2: omg like, wow haha
Conversationbomber: DO NOT WANT.
by EcoEclipse June 04, 2009
In gaming, anything and everything that can be conducive to a player's progress, be it ammunition, health items or a collectible or some sort.
I found this secret room with loads of goodies inside! Made the rest of the mission too easy!
by EcoEclipse February 08, 2010

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