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The act of fabricating an online girlfriend to impress people.
Nero's girlfriend Ataraxia was made by him out of Neraxia.
by EatDirtFartDust December 09, 2008
The acronym TPF stands for "Targets Perpetually Frightened"
The term is used to describe opponents that are hiding from you. They may claim to just be regrouping, and will be out of hiding soon, but they are only saying that to save face. "TPF moder's" just can't hang.
I would like some action, but all the opponents are in TPF mode.
by EatDirtFartDust June 06, 2009
Person responsible for making sure gay-porn actors have an erection. The pollmaster usually rubs, squeezes, or applies oils to the penis of the participant until they are erect. Usually the pollmaster will have to follow the participant around, keeping the penis erect, during lunch breaks, or napping, etc...
Nero is the Mushroom Kingdom's official Pollmaster.
by EatDirtFartDust January 22, 2009
Culmination of the words Pie, Penis, and Balls. It means to perform sexual acts on a pie, usually fruit-type, and warm. Popularized by the horribly-shitty movie, "American Pie."
I saw the apple pie just laying there, so I gave it the ol' piepbal.
by EatDirtFartDust January 25, 2009
Message given to coworkers or friends, when you notice a hot chick and you want them to check her out.
Hey Scott, it's Josh, in I.T. I got a code-blue out in the hall, you need to take a look.
by EatDirtFartDust January 14, 2009
As in "Money she don't know about"
Money saved or earned which your signifigant other or financial partner is not aware you posess.

Money meant for frivolous things such as gambling, drinking, prostitutes etc...
I got Saturday free and a pocket full of shedon't money.
by EatDirtFartDust August 28, 2010
When you ejaculate, with a rusty nail inserted into the urethra. That's a Vila-gasm.
I heard Bob Vila likes to Vila-gasm
by EatDirtFartDust May 25, 2009

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