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A sexual maneuver performed by two subjects. The first subject places themselves on the bed with face, hands, and knees down, and buttocks high in the air. The second subject places cocaine on the sphincter of the first subject. The first subject then attempts to fart while the second subject is inhaling the aforementioned cocaine.
So it cost $20 more for the hooker to agree to the portuguese snowblower. I don't know what she had for breakfast, but it didn't mix well with the blow.
by EatDirtFartDust January 15, 2009
Doing gay things, but acting jokily about it, so as to make people think you're not really gay.
He was smiling and laughing as he licked that guys ear lobe, but you could tell by his eyes, he liked it. He's such a lebubu
by EatDirtFartDust January 11, 2009
A sex position for homosexual males. One person lies on his back and pulls his legs up at the knees. The other guy sits on his butt with his legs extended outward, and slides into position to penetrate the one on his back anally. Once penetration is achieved, either partner can masturbate the one lying on his back while he's being fucked.
Lebubu and Joker love to SirWilliam
by EatDirtFartDust January 19, 2009
A deviant sexual act, usually performed between to homosexual males. The first subject anally penetrates the second subject, then uses his penis to draw a "Hitler-style" mustache on the face of the second subject with the second subjects own fecal matter.
"I pulled out and gave him a SteamPoweredHitler."
by EatDirtFartDust June 06, 2009
A psychosexual disorder in which there is a preference for sexual activity with prepubertal children. "Archons" are almost always males. The children are more often of the opposite sex (about twice as often) and are typically 13 years or age or younger; they may be within or outside the archons family. Sexual fantasies, looking, or fondling are more common than genital contact. Sexual offenses against children make up a significant proportion of reported criminal sex acts.

The cause or causes of archonism are not well understood. Personality problems may be evident, and the archon often shows little or no concern for the effects of his sexual behavior on the child. Researchers have reported that psychotherapy in conjunction with the use of testosterone-lowering drugs has substantially reduced the desire in male archons to molest children.”

I frequently check the Megan's law website for people who engage in archonism.
I frequently check Meganslaw.com for people who have been convicted of archonism.
by EatDirtFartDust June 06, 2009
Lowly vagabond with scraggly facial hair, and a methamphetamines addiction. Primary diet consists of Mountain Dew and Hot Pockets. Spends all their time on the internet complaining about every thing they can, and always disagreeing.
God, look at him sitting there, eating hot-pockets, writing rants in message boards. Everyone hate him, he's such a mordd.
by EatDirtFartDust January 14, 2009
A common safe-word used by homosexual males during sexual activities, usually those that involve inserting large rigid objects into each other's rectums.
Man 1:You like that bitch (shoves pineapple into partners ass)
by EatDirtFartDust January 20, 2009

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