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8 definitions by Earl Annie Edna

1)Song performed by a glitzy flamboyant man
2)Common phrase used by Butters on South Park
I said what what in the butt!
*man dancing suggestively*
by Earl Annie Edna July 22, 2008
A rather peculiar looking woman with striking mermaid qualities.
Renise was something of a mermaid. She had long wild hair, and was very thin and sea-like.
by Earl Annie Edna September 14, 2008
1) When someone announces that they need to leave to go and change their tampon.
2) Common attention-grabbing excuse.
Kira: Okay guys, I have to leave now to go and change my tampon!
Everybody Else: Wtf?...Tampon Call!
by Earl Annie Edna July 22, 2008
1) Common location for stoners
2) Home of mysterious forest creatures
3) Area for snake-sighting
Billy: Hey Sally, wanna come snake huntin' with me in the forest? I can also show you my new bong!
Sally: Yay! Sounds good to me!
by Earl Annie Edna July 22, 2008
Basically, it's a cross between a Wannabe-goth and an emo.
Billy: Oh no, here she comes...
Sally: The Wothemo!
by Earl Annie Edna July 22, 2008
1)One with excessive facial hair.
2)One who does not know how to shave.
3)A dirty squirrel-like boy.
Billy: Eww look at that drooling kid. He's got more hair on his face than anywhere else!
Sally: What a Chia!
by Earl Annie Edna July 22, 2008
One who gets the most out of life through endless jars of peanut butter and a party of cats.
Sandy: Yay! After work I get to go home to my Skippy Extra Smooth and all of my adorable kitties!
Billy: Wow...Madame Hippo!
by Earl Annie Edna July 22, 2008