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verb: to straighten out a situation that is fucked up
I had to mount a number of rescue missions to unfornicate data systems on behalf of people who you’d think would know better (including - god help us - companies that supply computers and databases)
by E_Man July 03, 2012
The dust at the bottom of cereal bags that accumulates from debris of broken cereal pieces
I want to top off this fat bowl of Lucky Charms with some cereal keef to make it that much sweeter.
by E_man February 24, 2014
noun: one who is an expert at diagnosing and treating bizarre psychological disorders.
friend 1: every time i see a bear -- on TV, in pictures, whatever -- I come in my pants.

friend 2: you need to see a complexpert to help you sort out your bear fetish.
by E_Man July 13, 2012

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