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one of the most famous, and largest, criminal gangs, mainly full of idiots who think killing is cool, their main (and probably only) enemy is the crips, and the cleverest thing the bloods evwer did was make a complicated hand sign
the definition is above you! but ok heres yer stupid example

bloods cant get along with crips cause crips are crips, weird eh?
by EEwisewolf April 17, 2008
a very large exhaust pipe attached to a car that was built for a much smaller pipe, named because of the sound it makes, which is similar to when you fart through a very hight quality microphone

used by chavs (uk) and ricers (us)
me: take off that freaking fart cannon its gonna wake up the entire street!

chav: bu' it' 'ard innit ya goffic nob
by EEwisewolf May 29, 2008
indiana jones, han solo, and other stuff, at least, they were his best roles
harrison ford is great, need i say more?
by EEwisewolf April 17, 2008
a town in lancashire, not excactly a chav hive, but has chavs, there is a cross near tesco that dates back to the saxon times, some sort of military training hut, and a continental market
guy 1: i went to that continental market in leyland yesterday, look what i got! *holds up an ornate vase*

guy 2: how much?

guy 1: ... fiver...
by EEwisewolf April 27, 2008
the small selection of very attractive women who have the best chances of being fucked by james bond
bond fucked up that bond girl, then saved her life the next day
by EEwisewolf April 17, 2008
theres loads of defs so ill sum it up really simple = a black person who is too smart and/or rich to be black

also a nice cookie, recently started selling in the UK
just leave the guy be, at least he knows what 4+6 is

do you eat an oreo layer by layer or like a sandwich?
by EEwisewolf April 18, 2008
the best kind of orgasm, its a bit like being on weed but not as strong (for me that is)
guy 1 = dude check this hypnosis orgasm video, you'll thank me for it

6 minutes later...

guy 2 = that was incredible!
by EEwisewolf April 07, 2008
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