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the pronounciation used by any common twat wearing super skin tight burberry tops and adidas tracksuit trousers.
goffics are considered to be anyone who chooses to wear a remotely dark colour, usually labelled by townies, usually by the townies that choose to throw stones from afar instead of actually put themselves at risk of retalliation
also labelled: "crusties" or "goffs"

for the information of the good of the commoner who reads this... gothic is a style of writing, or design, a goth is a person who chooses to dress in gothic period clothing. they do not want to eat you, they do not want to put you under a spell, and they do not want you to pick fight or throw stones at them
uuurgh goffics, fuckin Do 'Em!
by shrug January 28, 2004
How assholes pronounce 'gothic'.
Preppy girl: Eww! Your a goth! Your soo goffic!
Goth girl: *sigh* It's GOTHIC. Idiot.
Preppy girl: Whatever! Your boyfriend is ugly!
Goth girl: I WANT TO DIE! *cries and runs away*
by americanbeauty August 10, 2007
goffic: one who is a try-hard goth or gothic.
Example 1: Internet goffic says- Look at my icon... I'm so dark and gothy *broods*
Example 2: real-life goffic says- I dyed my hair black and listen to metal and watch buffy and I have a blood fetish and I'm totally hardxcore... let's go sacrifice some goats!
by crunchiecrumble November 20, 2005
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