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slang term to describe the day of ukrainian christmas
Dylan: What are you doing for christmaski this year?

Adam: I'm gonna slap some cabbage around till it rolls
by Dylan Coleman January 05, 2008
To create something out of something, often out of unexpected materials. Similar to macgyvering something, however to a lesser degree.
just give me a moment and i can flanaggle you up a new door hinge.
by Dylan Coleman January 05, 2008
The ugly, man-like girl amongst hot, beutiful girls. She's protective of the more attractive girls and out to crush your game.

Origin: Referance to Charlie's Angels.
Hofinger: Check out all the sweet angel like hunnies that just walked through the door, were gonna superman some hoes tonight, Sunny.

Sunny Jim: Watch Out, Hofinger!!! The angels brought Bosley
by Dylan Coleman January 05, 2008

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