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It came from killer instinct in which you could stop someones combo right then and there hense why it is called a combo breaker which the announcer pronounces it C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker
Play KI you shall see
by Dynamo October 08, 2004
Graphics card company makes graphics cards along with chipsets for AMD motherboards
Nvidia nforce2 chipset is best for the amd athlon xp 2500+
by Dynamo January 08, 2004
A racial slur originated from New Orleans in the early 1950's. It would often have been used to describe the white saxophonist with a lack of skill giving his jazz an undesirable "honky" tone. Was re-adopted in the gangsta rap scene by pioneers such as Kanye West or Jay-Z.
Yo dawg, put down that saxophone, you is just a honky white boy!
by dynamo January 24, 2013
Its Sexy And Excellent
"Dude that was a Sexcellent Movie"
by DyNaMo February 25, 2003
A slang used by many people, it can be anything that you want it to be
"Look at that Poonta over there."
"Get out you damn Poonta!"
by DyNaMo February 18, 2003
(n.) indigenous to Ecuador; smooth talking individual with an appetite for women, propensity for kicking things, and shady social habits;
(adj.) one who appears to be in more control than he actually he is.
I heard Coco is head of the FARC.
by Dynamo February 03, 2005
its the time in a boys life when he starts to think about shoving it in some girls poochie
"Dude im old enough to Kooter"
by DyNaMo February 25, 2003
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