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Simply put, atheism is logic.
Well, I used to live a blinded life, led by a fictional superbeing that cannot possibly exist in this dimension, but then I thought: "what the hell am I doing?" So, I chose the path of atheism.
by DweebTwirp July 10, 2008
1. To get liquored up, to get tanked, especially off of panty droppers.
1. We were on my friend's pontoon boat yesterday, man, and we got so bontzed...it wasn't even funny.
by DweebTwirp July 10, 2008
Synonym to moron.
Actual Italian gangsters of the early 20th century are exempt.
by DweebTwirp August 16, 2008
To get one's feathers in a ruffle is to become aggravated or worked up over something.
Bill sucks at driving, but I didn't want to tell him, lest he would get his feathers in a ruffle.
by DweebTwirp August 02, 2008
That sound that you make when you're about to say 'SWEET' to something that's freakin' awesome, like when your parents are getting you a mustang, but you end up saying 'oh' halfway in between because you just heard the catch, like you have to pay for 3/4 of the car.
Dad: Hey, Jim, we're getting you a car!
Jim: SW--
Dad: But you have to pay for 75% of it.
Jim: -oh...*did I just say SWoh?*
by DweebTwirp July 10, 2008

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