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Someone who's face is more pitted than the moon. Seal is a nae bad singer but he is a bit of a crumpet face.
Seal eighties singer and crumpet face.
by Duthart November 20, 2007
Man With manhood resembling pie. More Girth than length.
Mike, Put the piekok away and get on with your work.
by Duthart May 23, 2007
When hung like a horse ones fella can be felt licking the bowl in a seating position.
I went for a dump and the trouser snake was licking the bowl.
by Duthart November 20, 2007
Ladies intimate area.
You have a fierce "Cludge". It's like a stab wound in a gorillas back.
by Duthart May 23, 2007
Thingimebob. Often cant be found as dont know what it is realy called.
Where is the ugoogiliser? A: Look in you pants, you'll find it there you twat.
by Duthart September 05, 2008
Someone of an ugly disposition.
That barbra is a pure melter.
by Duthart May 23, 2007
Northern Scottish Slang for Condom.
Ah Yeh bas ma doof's burst. Better tell yer ma ye fell on it.
by Duthart May 23, 2007

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