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A person that talks absoulte shite and so much of it your brain feels like its starting to melt.
Tina Vortex


"I wish she'd shut up she's really melting my head"
by GUer March 17, 2005
Someone who continuely annoys or irritates someone though speech (usually), this is "melting" them.
The younger melts are described as "mini-melts."
People argue as to the origin of the term "melter" or "melt" but many believe it originated from a man from Belfast Northern Ireland called Christopher who is now known as "Mr.Melt." He was well known for his "melting" powers.
Many people can be considered a "melter" or a "melt."

Stop being such a melter!

I really hate melters.

Oh no, here comes another melter.

I'm being melted by this melter.
by Thescumbag June 20, 2006
one who irrates others
miscee is a melter because "actualy being raging that
no-one on an internet msg board missed her"
by DUFFMAN March 15, 2005
An outstanding goal or play in football. Can also be to appreciate something (such as hard work) or to ridicule a stupid comment.
That was a melter of a goal!

I have a 9-5 melter at university tommorow.

Sam: I'll admit i'm the gayest in the house
Christian: That's a melter boys!
by christianobirkett December 07, 2009
when someone irritates friends excessively talking about random things
Your a bloody melter mate
by mark mckenna December 15, 2004
1. scoring a wonder goal in football
2. putting in a hard days work
3. if someone says or does something ridiculous or awkward
1. What a goal! That's an asolute melter!
2. I've got a 9-5 melter at work today
3. After someone licked another boys balls in his drunken state. "That's a melter boys"
by jackyboi999 December 07, 2009
a person who melts, one who lives life in a careless fashion, an optimistic nihilist, a pharmaceutical pill (or any relaxing agent)
that girl smokes so much trees and watches the labyrinth, she's such a melter.

jeff spicoli is such a melter.
by melter jules June 04, 2011
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