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When a person no one likes enters a conversation, therefore making it awkward, a douche grenade has been dropped. Named because the person's comments affect everyone in the group, like shrapnel from a grenade.
Bob: Did you see Shaun White's Double McTwist last night?

Mark: Yeah, man. That shit was nasty.

Tom (Friend no one likes): Yo, Louie Vito's better, he just had a rough night yesterday.

Bob: Who just dropped the douche grenade?
by Dustybutt Jones March 22, 2010
Music played in erectile dysfunction commercials. Usually some generic southern guitar jam that makes you look up, then quickly back down again because they're telling you how to "get it done".
There's always an awkward silence after the boner music stops.
by Dustybutt Jones November 25, 2010
an infertile hybrid made from the breeding of a male shark and a female whale.
Kid: Hey, Mr Lifeguard, are there any shwhales in this reservoir?
Lifeguard: No. And what's a shwhale?
by Dustybutt Jones September 21, 2010

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